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Greetings, and welcome to my all-new, all-HTML, Wordpress-free corner of the interwebs! Here, you'll find the greatest of what the internet used to offer, devoid of any social interaction or political commentary! Adventure games! Cartoons! All those other things I keep making but don't know what to do with! And MORE!


March 17, 2020:
My website conked out a while ago due to a weird, unrecoverable PHP thingie. This is the third time it's happened since I switched to Wordpress and, since my Geocities joke page was getting more traffic than my actual blog, I've switched back to a design more grounded in HTML for now. It's been really fun to build, actually. It feels like I've gone off-grid and built my own on-line log cabin, away from the noise of social media.

And yes, I'm still making things. I have games in development, and I'm working in children's television. You can see my work in Disney's "Elena of Avalor" and reruns of "Slugterra" and "Kate & Mim-Mim". With two kids to take care of, my gamedev keeps getting rescheduled, but I've found ways of making shorter games like "Starstruck" until I can afford time to my larger projects.

For now, I've rebuilt this website with all the bare essentials, including my fan-games and those duck cartoons. I won't be recovering my blog posts or people's loving comments because I just want to keep my site simple for now. If you want to reach out, please track me down through the Contacts page.

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